You can tell us what you did...

We did this section so You Can let us know how your experience of care has changed since first visiting this website. 

Following use of the website, please respond to the statements below to add your voice to our collection of experiences.

1. I have created goals I want to achieve to improve my psoriasis care
2. I have recorded how my psoriasis is progressing
3. I have prepared for my appointment by writing a list of questions and issues to discuss in advance
4. I have asked a family member or friend to accompany me to my doctor's appointment
5. I have outlined to my doctor or nurse how psoriasis is affecting me:
6. I have summarised the key points of the conversation with my doctor or nurse, including any actions we agreed on, at the end of the appointment
7. I have discussed with my nurse ways to get more out of my appointment with my doctor
8. I have been having better conversations with my doctor or nurse since using the resources on You Can. We Did.
9. I have a better understanding of how the NHS works and the different types of treatment available since using the resources on You Can. We Did.
10. I am achieving the treatment goals I set with my doctor
11. Psoriasis is having less effect on my life and I am able to do things it prevented me from doing before

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: 29-07-2016