You and the NHS

We Did this section so You Can find out about what you might expect at different points of your psoriasis care. 

We know that it can feel like being on a rollercoaster in the NHS sometimes, and it's important to know where you stand and where you might go.

In the video above, Laura, one of our group of people with psoriasis who created this site, shares her experiences of care through the NHS care pathway. This is a term used to describe the different stages of care and the healthcare professionals you may see, when and why. She is joined by Dr Mark Goodfield, consultant dermatologist at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. 

You can access the maze by clicking here. This is based on the NHS psoriasis care pathway. This is here to help you understand the different healthcare professionals you may see when managing your psoriasis, and the conversations you may have with them. It will also help explain the types of psoriasis treatment, such as topical therapy (psoriasis cream), phototherapy (light therapy) and oral or injectable systemic (medicines that affect the entire body) therapies that may be available to you.

You can find more information on how the NHS works and the standards of care you can expect to receive by clicking here.

Please note that everyone’s experience of psoriasis will be different, and the information contained here is based on what is recommended. 

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