About us

We are a group of people with psoriasis who were invited by Novartis Pharmaceuticals UK Ltd. to create this site in partnership with them, so You Can have better conversations with your doctor or nurse.

Some of us got together to make this video, which explains what having psoriasis and creating You Can. We Did. means to us.

The group first met in Birmingham, UK, in May 2015 to agree on what people with psoriasis need in order to get the best psoriasis care. That's why this site has been created, and we have been involved from the beginning, all the way through.

This is just the start. Please come back and visit the site from time to time and tell us how you're getting on. We will also be adding new features and content that aims to help you have more balanced conversations with your doctor or nurse.

We would like to thank The Psoriasis Association and Changing Faces in particular for their contribution to this site.

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: 22-03-2016